Net Othello

A game in version bÍta but already playable in network

This program is a part my attempts of programming
I wanted to make a playable of it in network for cleared the undergrown a little the ground with the aim of the other game
I used a module found on the net to administer the transparency of pawns on trays
Program can hide in the tray bar with various icons (very practical to play the job;-)
Interface MDI contains 5 different screens

The main screen of the game

The screen of options where from one can configure mode to hide program in the tray bar:
( A right(straight) click allows to throw(launch) another program so that dissimulation is perfect;-)

The screens of followed by the contest, a graph and the other one lists it:

I think that all this must be now feasible more quickly with DirectX 7.0
But if somebody wishes to finish this project here is the complete sources: