List ActiveX vb

= Available sources In case of problemes with this ActiveX, consult this tutoriel

MsgBox Extend
Create prog with incredible message box

Any Button
Allows to make all the buttons of whom you dream for your applications.

Roll Up Bar
To create sheets which closes and opens automatically

Ellipsoidal Button
Finished the oblong buttons here is buttons ellipso´daux

3DS Max Box
Gain(win) of the place with this frame which closes as in 3D studio

Switch Button
A button which remains pushed after a click

System Button
A button system to place or one wants

Scroller ticani andrea Resizer ticani andrea
Finished the problems of place as place so much of controle that you want on the same sheet

Fake Windows
A virtual window!

3D Lines
A quite simple activeX to create of the relief

3D Cursor
A light slider tres to select quickly a value

Choose has Row
Select quickly a file

Choose Path
select quickly a repertoire

Mouse Out event
To feign event lacking VB

Color Progress Bar
One bar of progress colored with free text inside, which can also serve of control SLIDER

Bar of title +
For bars of titles colored even under Windows NT

To investigate Tree View
To feign Tree View of the explorer Windows, with functions(offices) of supplementary postings!