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Power Archiver 6.00

Winzip better!

Arretez of use Winzip in version shareware, he exists better and in FREER!
Power Archiveur administers ZIP archives as he (including the extention of the contextual menu),
And it(he) allows to make exe automobile - extractible (with SFX MAKER it is even better)

Furthermore it(he) allows to press in the other size as the surprising .CAB which obtains results much better than the ZIP
Especially on a containing repertoire full of file (as a VB project)
No more than 50 % of earning in certain case!!!!

Example realized without trucage by pressing the same repertoire in the size ZIP then in the size CAB:

Only reproach the graphs of the toolbar by default is not terrible but as it is possible to change them...
Personnelement I use Skin Cyber

The other probleme icones 16x16 is dentiques for everything sizes,
I modified icones to track down easily every type: